Developing leadership skills through martial arts training. Training for mastery in all forms of conflict is at the heart of To-Shin Do. You learn adaptive strategic principles along with the tactics, so you can practice how to take command in times of confusion, confrontation, or discouragement. When it comes to self development, our art is outstanding, our teachers are skilled in sharing, and our curriculum is unparalleled.

To-Shin Do martial arts training

was developed as a way to promote peace, security, and well-being. It is command over adversity – never a way to promote violence. The world needs more protectors, not more predators.

In an over-stressed society, balancing a clear mind, fit body, and centered spirit is the pathway to becoming a tatsujin – a fully actualized person operating masterfully in all of life. In To-Shin Do martial arts training, you will learn methods to deal with:

  • Grappling, throwing, choking, joint locking

  • Striking, kicking, and punching

  • Self defense when pulled to the ground

  • Stick, blade, cord, and projectile defense

  • Gun disarms and safety

  • Knife and cane defenses

  • Successfully handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks

  • Overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying


Life Mastery Through Martial Arts

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SKH Quest To-Shin Do martial arts training is a thorough system of personal preparation for facing the kinds of conflict and opposition that can surprise us in daily living. Our training program leads to the ability to live life fully, fearlessly, and freely.


SKH Quest To-Shin Do curriculum lesson plans effectively link traditional Japanese martial arts to modern scientific teaching technologies. This creates a cohesive form of experiential education both relevant and compelling in the modern world.


Bridging the gap between the timeless wisdom of the East and the fresh pragmatism of the West, An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ programs address the personal desire to explore the fullness of human potential in the physical, intellectual, and spiritual realms.


SKH Quest To-Shin Do instructor commitment is to improving the world one person at a time. We provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed in life. We are in the business of teaching people how to win.


Winning, by our definition, is getting what you need in such a way that you, your family, your community, and ultimately your world are better off because you have gotten what you needed.


Stephen and Rumiko Hayes
Stephen and Rumiko Hayes Hombu An-shu
Stephen and Rumiko have traveled the world exploring the martial arts as a vehicle for bringing out the best in life. Recognized as the dominant name in the martial arts for the decade of the 1980’s, An-shu Stephen is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame. He was described by Black Belt Magazine as a “legend in the martial arts” and “one of the ten most influential living martial artists in the world.”
He is author of 21 books, and has appeared in television documentaries, magazines, and newspapers all over the world. He apprenticed under ninja master Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan in the 1970s and 80s. He tested his practice as personal security escort for the Dalai Lama of Tibet, Nobel Peace Prize laureate in the 1990s.

An-shu Rumiko Urata Hayes has been teaching ninja martial arts for 40 years. A graduate of Sophia University in Tokyo, she was born in Kumamoto, and moved to the uSA with her husband in 1980. Now grandparents for five grandchildren, the Hayes’ enjoy instructing seminars in their network of SKH Quest Centers around the world.

Shane Raitoshi Stevens
Shane Raitoshi Stevens6th Degree Black Belt
Shane Raitoshi moved from Colorado to Dayton to study with An-shu. He became a full-time teacher sharing his exuberant teaching style and passion for To-Shin Do. You can’t get through one of his classes without smiling and feeling inspired. An-shu says, “Shane Raitoshi is one of the highest ranked instructors in the world in To-Shin Do. His skill quality shows the results of dedication to constant training with me. Shane Raitoshi is one of the best you can find when it comes to delivering my message and art!”

Be ready to get the most out of every class!

  • Attend classes weekly on a regular, consistent schedule

  • Classes include workout introduction to To-Shin Do techniques, with a chance to try the techniques against training targets and in dynamic simulation with a partner.

  • Bring protective gear appropriate for your belt level

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled class; don’t run in late

  • Keep uniform neat, clean and odor-free; not a good idea to wash your belt, as it will shrink

  • Health regulations dictate tabi or heavy socks – no bare feet!

  • Quietly prepare for class – do not disturb current class in session

  • Always be courteous with an eye on safety – politely remind your guests to do the same

  • Arrange to make up any missed classes

  • Show proper effort, spirit, and respect in the dojo. Make every moment count!

  • Practice and review at home for best results

  • Use SKH Quest DVDs to review lessons in your belt-level curriculum

  • Keep your notebook up to date

  • Take responsibility for passing your tests!

Life Mastery Through Martial Arts

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