Here’s why so many successful adults enroll and continue training at Dayton Quest Center…

You know how sometimes you can feel like you’ve lost control over life?

You feel locked in place – caught, conflicted, unable to do the right thing in some physical, mental, or emotional challenge at work, on the street, or even at home?

What we do is teach people how to strengthen their abilities to make the right thing happen. They are better able to stay safe, at peace, and happy.

A Great Way to Reaffirm the Power in Your Life!

The ability to handle stressful situations effectively, powerfully, and successfully is a skill, and you can learn this skill.

Focused disciplined training under expert teachers in an authentic self-protection martial art is the key to personal preparation for facing conflicts and confrontation that can surprise us in daily living.

Some of the best moments of your week will be time spent in action at our school!

There are obvious benefits as well as hidden ones. After six years I am still uncovering layers of personal advancement – each one deeper than the one before. I can’t wait to see what awaits me during my next six years. Obviously regular training helps your body function better. You feel better. You look better. But the physical part is only a fraction of it.

– Jonathan Willis, age 43

Behind the obvious physical advancements are neurological and psychological benefits, too.

  • Your brain works better
  • Your emotional control improves
  • You expand your connections to others with similar interest in personal advancement


Of course martial arts study helps sharpen your tools of personal protection. A person who has practiced defending and countering 10,000 times certainly has a significant edge.

But not so obvious is the way the practice protects you from some of the most dangerous enemies in our world — lethargy, negative thinking, lack of exercise, apathy, anger, and stress.


“Throughout my day I am responsible for earning an income, serving others, planning what to do tomorrow, and managing what feels like a thousand responsibilities. When I get on the mat, I feel released from those charges. I get grounded and focused. The complexity of the world disappears. I’d say martial arts training is some of the best time I invest in myself.”

– Ed Pullin, age 37, training in To-Shin Do martial arts for 3 years


No other martial arts school can offer what we do in such a fun, safe, and positive place!