Get Going With Your Training

Once you enroll, a great option is to subscribe to NinjaSelfDefense.com, An-shu Stephen K. Hayes’ video learning program. You get unlimited access to all the video courses and lessons we offer.

Start with the book The Ninja Defense for initial training information. Then read How To Own The World for our warrior protector philosophy.

Get the “Black Belt 12-DVD Study Course” for encouragement at home. Watch and review lessons you study in Level 1 Foundations of Self-Protection.

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Compare notes and get advice from fellow To-Shin Do practitioners around the world at private Facebook group (must be a registered To-Shin Do member or a current subscriber to NinjaSelfDefense.com).

Check out our schedule of special seminars and workshops. You may be surprised to learn that An-shu Stephen and An-shu Rumiko — in addition to encouraging us here in Dayton — are highly regarded martial arts celebrities recognized for their expertise and inspiration.

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